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As Jesus once said, "All your base are belong to us!"


Honestly, that one flash movie didn't deserve to win. But that's not why this is 9/10.

The reason why there's one star off is because there weren't a lot of last remaining candidates. I felt that it was either *this*, *that*, and *the one no one wants*.

But besides that, I laughed and rejoiced as winners were announced, and comments were made.

I hope that next year will be even better!!!

Nice Satire

I loved your input in those Max Payne "slides," as I lol'd the minute I heard "vibrating Beretta" or "injectable Viagra."

The pace was a little slow for my taste, but it wasn't much of a bother---I was too busy laughing!!!

Nice flash, I hope you make much more just like this!!!

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...and entertaining! Personally the conversation was actually good (I has no friends!).

This was well made, and I'm curious to see if people did have to start over on the conversation after awhile...

Good Quality As Usual

This has got to be one of the best flash games you guys have developed so far! The gameplay was refreshing and original, like the first time I played Bomboozle. The graphics were impressive as always and the music was pretty nice most of the time.

This game should appeal to anyone, regardless of age, and reminds me of any old SNES game, in a good way. You should seriously think about getting this flash game onto an iPhone or Nintendo DS...

I'm Hooked...

I have to admit that this game is well-put together, just like any other of Luis' games. The graphics are astonishing, and quickly remind me of Castle Crashers in an NG-environment. The controls were simple and easy to use. The gameplay itself was pretty fun, as in most beat-em'-ups. However, there were some aspects which turned me off:

* There's no option to make the difficulty easier or harder. The difficulty was the flash version of Ninja Gaiden. It's not mainly about the A.I., but more along the lines of little health pick-ups. You have to be lucky to actually get the health you need.

* There's no checkpoint, continues, passwords, or saves at all. The points at which you use P-Bot as a zamboni is a perfect opportunity to create a checkpoint or show a level password. This would prevent some gamers from beating the same bosses over and over.

Overall though, I can't really complain about this game too much. I really enjoy playing this, and I admit it's worth giving this a try. It may not be for the casual gamer, but for hardcore gamers, this is bragging rights.

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Nice Remix

It's a great Lady GaGa remix with a pretty great beat and structure. Honestly it would be one of my favorite GaGa remixes if only you could EQ more (the bass overpowered everything else when I listened to it).

But besides the EQ issue, I would definitely listen to this several times in a row before checking out what else you have!

Keep up the great work!!!

b0b3rt responds:

Thanks. =)

Just Awesome

The beat is a great selection, but what really got my attention was the Auto-tuned lyrics. By now, there are those who feel that Auto-Tune is just overused (and it is), but this song is one of those exceptions where Auto-Tune is necessary. It's necessary in my opinion because it contributes to the mood, the rhythm, you name it.

The flow is basic, yet easy on the ears. The Auto-Tune effect is used a lot, but it's used properly (though personally I'm not sure how you do this) and sounds good. And overall, everything just came together and worked.

Good job man and keep up the good work. Those lyrics are really deep.

twickz responds:

wow nice review! everything you said man thanks for it all

Pretty Impressive

Your improvised session with the Spanish guitar is really great to listen to and is a nice change of pace around Newgrounds. Usually when I hear a Spanish guitar, it's at a faster tempo and more light-hearted. Your session is slower (which is a compliment) and more heart-felt, giving the listener a sense of your emotions with each string. It may be the fact that you can't go extremely fast, you if you're just intentionally going slower than normal, but it doesn't mean this doesn't deserve anything lower than a 10.

Good job and keep up the great work!

Box-Killa responds:

HeHe, I probably can go faster, but its like, bleh I can't be bothered. Its not speed metal anyway :D Thanks for the review

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Great Album Art

It's a well-made cover art, and it really does look professional, like iloveb1gf00t said. The style is nice, but it does seem rather odd for the hip-hop/rap genre. Honestly, it would work way better for a nu metal band, or an industrial artist.

Sate responds:

MAN...I needa plan my designs more out then ahaha.


This rendering is awesome. The proportions are nice and the textures pretty good. The only part that irritates me is Pegg's ear, which seems a little odd since it sticks out. Still, good work!!!


Dude, that is one awesome picture. I really love the shading, and I can't believe you did white on black instead of vice-versa! The details are remarkable, especially the smoke, and it's nicely proportioned.

Great work, and I hope you make more like this! XD

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