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High Score in Block Squad!!!

2009-05-30 16:16:19 by ChaosProdigy

Today, just a few minutes ago, I have successfully placed 12th in the global, all-time section of Block Squad, produced by Megadev.

This was just my third time through, too, so I'm gonna try and get even further next time. Just thought I'd share my accomplishment.

: And I wish there was an NG medal to show this too...

**UPDATE**: Well, I got a higher score. Too bad I'm still in 12th place. On the bright side, I'm first in the U.S!!!

High Score in Block Squad!!!


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2009-06-04 19:48:21

If I knew what that was, Im sure id be impressed


2009-08-06 22:02:19

how much have you gotten so far?

ChaosProdigy responds:

The highest I've ever gotten in that game? It was around 526000, but it didn't turn out to be good enough for the leaderboards when I played it that time.

12th was the highest I got up to.


2009-08-16 18:33:26

Dude, that's like fucking badass! I just tried playing that game...and I suck at it.

ChaosProdigy responds:

Lol, thanks!

The first time I played that game, I had no clue what to do. It took me awhile before I learned that you're supposed to collect the items before the door opens...thus allowing you to complete the level of that stage.

Just keep practicing!


2009-10-04 11:53:53

Thanks for the scout brah.

ChaosProdigy responds:

No problem